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Solar Project

Solar Charging Station Project


Hi Folks:

First off I want to thank you all for your effort over the last couple of weeks that finished off with the installation of the solar power structure. I have never been prouder of the club and its members. The phenomenal member turn out, and having everyone pitch in and help, was an amazing experience. We are a great team. And we have achieved something that few other clubs in Canada have and is a first for Atlantic Canada. A special thanks also to those who contributed materials and equipment to the effort – going the extra mile was really appreciated.

I also would like to recognize the contribution of those outside our club that helped us; Porter, past member and donator of the batteries, Dwight Rafuse, Fundy Electric who helped us considerably on key electrical component discounts, and of course Mike Boulanger, who turned our ideas into plans (yes Mark there were plans  ) that we used ourselves and which will benefit others looking for help with their projects.

Thanks again! – You guys and gals rock!

Solar Station - up and running

The members of the Wings of Wellington were discussing the idea of a Solar system for more than a year before making the final decision to proceed. The budget was set – including the structure and tax at $1500. We came in well under that.

The actual build and installation process, including collecting and buying materials took about three months. Everything was built and assembled offsite and then moved to the field and largely put together in a single evening.

The system is generating up to 20 amps at 13.5 volts and is charging 2 x 120 Amp hour batteries. The batteries when charged have a capacity of approx. 3000 watts and the 3 panels replenish them on a reasonably sunny day with about 1200 – 1400 watts in 8-10 hours.

The project has been a major undertaking for the club. It was a great experience and we had almost our entire membership chipping in to help in construction and assembly. They are a great team. We have a complete how-to type article.(click on the links below)

Many thanks to all the members of the club who did an outstanding job with this, to Mike boulanger for turning our ideas into actual plans, and Dave Porter for the battery donation!


Going Solar (pdf)

Station Layout 1 (pdf)

Station Layout 2 (pdf)

Please check out the following instructions before using the station.

Solar Station Instructions (pdf)