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About Us

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Indoor Flying ...

End of flying season at our field does not stop our members from flying, join us at the Kentiville Soccer Dome every Wednesday from 1 to 4 p.m for indoor flying.More info can be found at our Facebook page...


Club Bylaws ...

Here is a link to the Wings of Wellington Club Bylaws


Field Rules...

To ensure the safety of our members and participants and the smooth running of our field we have established Field Rules. You can read about these rules here or at the field. New or guest flyers should be aware of them before flying at our field. The Field Director is the person delegated to ensure these are followed.


Requirements for flying at all flying venues of the Society which are MAAC registered. Anyone who wishes to fly, must maintain an active MAAC membership and be prepared to produce proof of said membership upon request of any other member and must have an approved instructor present to fly unless he/she is a qualified flyer as deemed by an approved instructor. Must obey all the rules and regulations of the Society and the MAAC Safety Code.

Club Bylaws Section 2.8

When we fly......Sunday afternoons was suggested as a drop-in for the general public to spur interest in the hobby and club. We had requests from members and public for a common evening for getting out to fly through the week. We are suggesting Wednesday evenings. This gives us an additional time to tell those who are interested in RC to come out and, more importantly for a chance for members to get together through the week at the same time. So, if you have only one chance to get out in the evening through the week and like to fly with others please schedule your Wednesday evenings as club flight night.


A bit about our Club...


The first real club meeting took place in David State-Taylor’s home in May of 1991 and most of the spring was spent looking for a field. The Wellington dyke was an obvious central location




Allister Lance helped Gordon and Jeremy scour the dyke for 5 weeks before they stumbled across George Woodworth and the spot the club now calls home. Two meetings later and they had the field layout complete and parking areas established. They had found a home.




The last weeks of spring and into summer were spent mowing and rolling. The ground on the dykes hardens quickly when the sun hits it so the day before a rented “super roller” showed up, Mike Evans arranged to have the Canning Fire Department pumper truck come to the field to give it a good soaking.



The honor of the first flight off the new field fell to Jeremy Dann – mainly because he was the first to get his engine running! He still has that old Super-Coup around today





However, it was smooth flying for just a short period of time because in August of 1991 a bit of trouble was on the horizon. In spite of a thorough effort to canvass the area before locating on the dyke some objections were lodged concerning the possible “unauthorized use of dyke land”.This all lead to public hearings on the matter before the County of Kings but thanks to a large, well-organized contingent of RCers accompanied by the then-President of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, local supporters, and land owners the club received permission to use the field.


Meet the team...

You will find below a list of our Executives, Flying Clubs in our area and the Solar Project that was successfully undertaken and extremely well received by our members and guests.


Club Executives

These elected representatives of the Club devote a lot of their time and efforts in the smooth running of all facets of our Club .The club meets the second Tuesday of every month, except June,July and August.



Other Clubs....

Model Flying Clubs in our area







SOLAR Project

These elected representatives of the Club devote a lot of their time and efforts in the smooth running of all facets of our Club and it's members.