Wings of Wellington Field Rules


"There is no substitute for courtesy and sportsmanship "


1.   Before flying from the club field all pilots must meet certain basic conditions:

a.    Hold a current MAAC membership.
b.   Belong to the Wings of Wellington RC Club or have an invitation to fly by a member of the Wings of Wellington.

2.   All Aircraft must be shown to be air worthy to the satisfaction of the Field Director or their appointed representative.

3.   Unless you are a qualified pilot, you may not fly alone. An approved Instructor must accompany all new flyers.

4.   No pilot may fly an aircraft or operate an RC engine or motor at the field if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

5.   Taxing aircraft in the pit area is not permitted.

6.   When refuelling a glow/gas powered aircraft a fuel recovery method must be used by means of a container or through recirculation.

7.   A helper or restraint device appropriate for the size and type of aircraft should be used when required. This is not intended for small aircraft that are hand launched or electric powered models.

8.   Pilots shall not run up or adjust engines in the pit area or direct exhaust at other fliers, spectators or equipment. Run-ups may be completed in designated areas

9.   A frequency pin (MAAC legal) must be in place on the frequency board before turning on your transmitter for all radios other than those utilizing spread spectrum technology (i.e. 2.4Ghz).

10. After take-off aircraft shall be directed away from spectators and the pit/parking area.

11. Pilots are responsible for managing the risks to others while operating their aircraft. They shall endeavor to avoid flying in close proximity to low flying full scale aircraft and foot, horse, and vehicle traffic on the road and in the surrounding fields

12. Pilots shall always stand at one of the pilot markers located on the field when flying their aircraft. A maximum of 4 pilots may fly at a time other than during special events monitored by the field director or their appointed representative. (Field Directors note - our new longer fences provide more places to stand (behind fence) while flying)

13. Pilots shall not fly over restricted areas. (Field Director Note - Pits and parking area are restricted)

14. Pilots shall call their intention to land. Dead stick aircraft have right of way and may land on either clear runway after declaring their intention to do so.

15. After landing the aircraft shall be promptly removed from the runway and the pilot shall call ""CLEAR"' once the aircraft is removed.

16. Pilots shall limit their flight times to 15 minutes when others are waiting to fly.

17. There will be no flying nitro or gasoline aircraft before 9:00 am Monday to Saturday and 10:30 am on Sunday.

18. Pilots shall declare an active runway and related helicopter area based on wind direction or other circumstances (i.e. low sun). The active runway will not change unless all pilots using it agree and designate a new active.

19. Parking is allowed only in designated areas. All vehicles must be returned to the parking area after unloading and loading of aircraft and equipment.

20. ALL visitors and spectators must remain behind the spectator fence unless authorized by a club member to be on the flying field or pit area.

21. Small children and pets must be in the company of adults at all times

22. Each flyer is responsible for any damage he or she may cause with the specific exception of incidents where MAAC insurance coverage applies.

23. Any, violation of these rules will be grounds for immediate temporary suspension of flying privileges by the Field Director. Penalties will be determined by the club officers